What you can count on

Each day we work to improve the marketplace so our members can find extra value in their season tickets. With the help of the community we can make it one of the best. Are you considering signing up? If so, have a look below to learn more about member expectations and our guarantee.

  • 100% Verified Tickets

    100% Verified Tickets

    Our team of admins reviews each application submitted and follows a rigid process to ensure each listing is authentic.

  • Safe & Inclusive

    Safe & Inclusive

    SwapSeats was built for all people. We take all complaints and issues seriously and listen to the needs of our members.

  • Never settling

    Never settling

    Our skilled team continues to find new and innovative solutions to problems so our users have the best product possible.

Member code of conduct

At SwapSeats we are building one of the first marketplaces where verified members can meet, network and swap some of their season tickets with other verified ticket holders. While we are working to make this marketplace as authentic as possible, we can’t do it alone. We need our members to pitch in and help us out.

By signing up for and using the platform you are agreeing to our terms of service and privacy policy. You can and should have a look at those two documents when you get a chance. But until then, we have outlined a few things we would like you to know. On the surface, you might think these rules don’t need to be stated because, well, they are obvious. Unfortunately, there is always that one person who ruins it for the rest. So we thought we’d take a few precautions and spell everything out.

Below is a list of rules each of our members must act in accordance with. Have a read, please.

  • Utilize the Golden Rule and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • List only tickets from accounts approved by SwapSeats.
  • Only list and swap seats that are not posted on other marketplaces.
  • Do not request cash payments for your seats from other members.
  • Respect each organization's fan code of conduct.

It’s these rules that we will hold our members to each time they use the platform. In the event that you feel another member is not upholding these values or conducting themselves in a manner that best represents SwapSeats, please contact us immediately. You can message us directly at support@swapseats.io.

What happens if you are found in violation of these rules? Great question. If we find that you have violated these rules at any time, you will be removed from the platform immediately and any pending swaps will be canceled. If further action is needed to rectify the situation, we will take it.

As with any marketplace, we can only provide the best value if the members who sign up to use the platform are willing to uphold the standards put into place and act with decency. If you have any questions or would like further clarification on any item outlined, please reach out. We are always happy to help.

Now go swap some seats!



SwapSeats Guarantee

At SwapSeats we strive to bring our members nothing but the best. This means providing on-time ticket delivery, authentic tickets and a network of trusted, verified season ticket holders. We will always strive to meet expectations and promise our members the following:

  • Each member using the platform is personally verified by our team.
  • The tickets you trade for are valid and will allow entry into the event(s).
  • The seats you traded for will be the seats you use at the event.
  • Any swaps considered fraudulent will be investigated and rectified.
  • Support from our staff in a timely manner.

If at any time you feel we are not meeting your expectations, we want to know. Contact us at support@swapseats.io.